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We are a group of people dedicated to being an important part of the reintroduction of hemp into the United States and the world while bringing you a diversity of high quality solutions and services. The vision for our company was birthed when our founder had two friends who were stricken with cancer. Watching them go through that devastating time led him into alternatives to the standard "Pharma" modalities. As he researched hemp and its history in our country, he was both amazed at the almost 20,000 uses for hemp in addition to health and shocked that raw politics had led to the outlawing of a farm plant that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had farmed, believed in and encouraged others to use. Our company Innovative AgriProducts, a Founder's Hemp company, is vertically integrated. We are developing a network of farmers who will grow specifically for our company and industry partners. We provide expert assistance to our farmers on everything from clone/seed selection to harvesting methods. We will also process our own hemp into usable products for others to enjoy and consume. The Innovative AgriProducts' team is comprised of passionate and professional farmers, strategist, and leadership that will continue to innovate the hemp industry.

Meet our IAP team


Bob founded Innovative AgriProducts with one vision in mind - to build an integrated and sustainable ecosystem from seed, or clone, to market. As an attorney with over thirty years under his belt, Bob also founded the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association and led the effort for our state’s compliant Industrial Hemp laws and regulations.


As the vice president and chief operating officer of Founder's Hemp, Jamie has championed each and every one of our brands and business endeavors to fruition. A background in law and experience running a diverse array of businesses, coupled with her tenacity, brings the hemp industry the leadership it needs to create a solid and scalable foundation - built on transparency and trust.

Zach Thompson

Originally from NC, Zach made a decision early on to help pioneer the cannabis industry, and moved to Colorado where he helped grow one of the largest organizations in the country. Bringing back knowledge and a skillset to help Founder's Hemp and the IAP team build a solid foundation, and continue to scale. Zach represents both companies as brand liaison, and works with an experienced hand on the farm and extraction process. 

Waylon Saunders

Waylon Saunders, director of farming, brings twenty years of traditional farming and running a successful agribusiness to the table. Overseeing the entire growth cycle from start to finish, helping farmers, and guiding our extraction facilities to a finished and premium product - he is the "glue" to our entire operation.

Shawn Dezern

With over a decade of experience, Shawn plays a critical role with IAP as our cloning and extraction specialist. Rooted in sustainable methods of farming - Shawn brings a diverse and deep knowledge of integrated management systems that rely on mother nature, with the least-invasive growing techniques to ensure a healthy and happy harvest.

Brooke Dezern

After many years running a successful family farm, to bringing our greenhouse and operations to life - Brook Dezern knows how to farm. Not only does she have a "green thumb", but also helps innovate hemp-derived products with her passion for baking and bringing quality products to market.

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